Zach Shildwachter releases new horror short film, “SCUM”, featuring two tracks from “Travels”

15 Jun 2014, Posted by Crows Labyrinth in Blog

Director Zach Shildwachter shot a new horror short film titled “SCUM” and released it on Vimeo. The soundtrack of “SCUM” features two tracks from my ambient album “Travels”: “Frontier” and “Stratagem”.

WARNING: the video is definitely NSFW with graphic violence, explicit language, drug use, and sexual situations.

Synopsis: Exploring the horrifying capabilities of a man pushed too far and comprised of dialogue solely from interview quotes from actual serial killers, SCUM brutally exposes how close we all are from becoming monsters in the blink of an eye.

Watch “SCUM” below, or watch it in HD here:

You may remember that Zach Shildwachter did a short movie last year too featuring my music. In case you missed that, you can read up on that and watch the movie on my Tumblr:

If you are interested in hearing the tracks and the rest of the “Travels” album, then check out my Bandcamp page at:

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