Immerse yourself in dark sonic landscapes,
created with only bass guitars and effects.


Released on 21 June 2019.

Six years after his debut, “Travels”, and three years after the Consolation EP, Crows Labyrinth finally releases his long-awaited second full-length album. The tradition of recording the music exclusively with bass guitars and effect processing is maintained on this album.

“All Will Perish” continues to explore the dark ambient sonic landscapes that could be heard on the first album. The themes of the tracks are in some cases even darker than on Crows Labyrinth’s debut, setting a stage for catastrophe, impermanence and hopelessness.

A few personal notes from Theo about the album:

” I’m beyond excited that my second album finally sees the light of day in June. This album was a bumpy journey to complete. A lot has happened in my personal life in the past few years that impacted my energy levels and my creativity. Part of the journey was also learning to master my own music in my home studio. That took a lot of time with ups and downs (can I do this? will it sound right? etc). But I persisted and I am really happy with how the new album sounds. “

All tracks played and recorded by Theo Tol.
Production, sound design, compositions and cover art by Theo Tol.
Mixed and mastered by Theo Tol at The Crow’s Lab

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Released on 14 May 2016.

Crows Labyrinth returns with a new EP, this year’s second release. The three tracks span nearly 20 minutes and should please anyone that loves improvised fretless bass playing in an ambient setting.

This EP covers the lighter, more melodic aspect of Crows Labyrinth’s musical output. If you liked the last two tracks of his debut album “Travels”, then you’ll be in for a treat.

The first track, “Consolation”, was recorded in the week when an uncle passed away a few months ago. “I can hear the state of mind that I had during that period when I listen it back,” reflects Theo. “The track is dedicated to him, and to everyone that has lost a loved one.”

“Stateless” is a more abstract piece of layered improvised bass loops that ease in and out of existence. The EP ends with “Responder”. This track could already be heard on Soundcloud, but is now finally mastered and officially available.

Track 1 and 3 were recorded live in one take, without additional editing or overdubs.

Played and recorded by Theo Tol.
Production, sound design and compositions by Theo Tol.
Mastering by Arian Prins at Hydra Music Studio.
Artwork by Brian Watson of plan A art.

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Crows Labyrinth’s debut album, released on 13 January 2013.

Every composition was improvised in one take with exception of track 3, which has a few overdubs, and track 6.

All tracks played and recorded by Theo Tol.
Production, sound design, compositions and cover art by Theo Tol.
Mastering and sound advice by Arian Prins at Hydra Music Studio.

No synthesizers were harmed while creating this album.

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What others have to say about the album:

Deep, dark, and deliciously dystopian … “Travels” by Crows Labyrinth is my kind of dark ambient. Decidedly post-apocalyptic in presentation, these soundscapes are powerfully evocative and sow the seeds of imagination that the creative listener feeds on.


— Thomas Mathie, a.k.a. Headphonaught, owner of netlabel “We Are All Ghosts”
(Click here for the full review)

Take your time, relax and open your heart and soul, switch of the light and experience this therapeutic ambient adventure.



— Kai Nobuko, Reviewer for music blog “Yeah I Know It Sucks”
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Released on 10 August 2013 as a free single.

Crows Labyrinth teamed up with UK post-rock artist Coma Cloud in 2013 for a one-off track called “Sunrise Finale”. The track was released in July 2013, featuring punchy post-rock grooves and hypnotizing ambient bass guitar drones. (Click here to download “Sunrise Finale” for free.)

“Gemini Sun” is the companion single to Coma Cloud’s “Sunrise Finale” and features the isolated, full dark ambient bass guitar soundscape that was used in “Sunrise Finale”.

The track was improvised and recorded in one live take using a 5-string bass guitar and numerous effects.

Played and recorded by Theo Tol.
Production, sound design, composition and cover art by Theo Tol.
Mastering by Arian Prins at Hydra Music Studio.

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Released on 31 January 2016.

With this double-track release, Crows Labyrinth is expanding the universe of dark ambient bass guitar soundscapes that he created with his debut album “Travels”.

Experimentation with new sounds was an important objective during the creation of these new sonic structures. On the other hand the approach was kept the same: record everything as one take, one flow of sound, one improvisation, using a 5-string bass guitar with live effects processing.

No additional sounds or overdubs were added. Everything you hear is done in one take, using only bass guitar and effects processing.

Played and recorded by Theo Tol.
Production, sound design, compositions and cover art by Theo Tol.
Mastering by Arian Prins at Hydra Music Studio.

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VIDEO: HELIOGRAPH (from the album “Travels”)

About Crows Labyrinth

Crows Labyrinth is a Dutch ambient musician project that emerged in January 2013 with the release of their debut album, titled “Travels.” Founded by Theo Tol, the project focuses on creating atmospheric soundscapes using a bass guitar as the main instrument. His inspiration comes from the ambient work of Robert Fripp and Steven Wilson’s Bass Communion albums.

Crows Labyrinth has released several albums, EPs, and singles, both through prominent ambient labels like Valley View Records, Ambient Soundscapes, and Mare Nostrum, and through self-releases. The project has also collaborated with other ambient musicians like Perry Frank, Human Is Alive, Pulse Mandala, Willebrant, and Somniacs, showcasing their dedication to expanding the boundaries of ambient music.

With their atmospheric soundscapes and experimental approach, Crows Labyrinth has garnered a loyal following of listeners seeking immersive and innovative ambient experiences. Their music is often described as relaxing, meditative, and conducive to studying or background listening.

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