Second ambient guest mix released as part of Circumambient series

16 Nov 2014, Posted by Crows Labyrinth in Blog

My second ambient guest mix is now online on Mixcloud!

This time the mix is released by Thomas Mathie, a.k.a. @headphonaught, as part of his Circumambient series. A big “thank you” goes out to Thomas for giving me the opportunity to do a guest mix for his lovely ambient podcast series.

Just as in the first mix I have included tracks of indie ambients that I like very much and I believe deserve more attention. All tracks have been released in the past two years. Artists included in this mix are Misleading Structures, April Larson, Jake Beamish, Saito Koji & Sima Kim, Tim Rowe, Hilyard, Nimon, Microvolt and Above, Convenience Store. And a track by yours truly of course. 😉

Go check out these artists if you like what you hear and buy/download their music!




Full tracklist

00:00 Misleading Structures – Decay of the Ancient Sun

05:43 April Larson – Children Of Starlight (The Grey Elves Of Beleriand)

09:47 Crows Labyrinth – Heliograph

16:02 Jake Beamish – Lament

20:20 Saito Koji & Sima Kim – on the sea (excerpt)

26:07 Tim Rowe – Goede Buren (Good Neighbours)

31:15 Hilyard – Flow: Part 2 (excerpt)

37:42 Nimon – internalising an explosion

44:34 Microvolt – Day drift

51:01 Above, Convenience Store! – Arvedalki Beaivvada

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