My first streaming statement from BABOOM

09 Sep 2015, Posted by Crows Labyrinth in Blog

Baboom statement header

So I received my first streaming statement from BABOOM today. And I can tell you it has a lot of detail in it. It looks very good and it gives a lot of information on a per-stream level.

BABOOM only pays you for track plays from premium/paying subscribers. But on the other hands, pay-out rates per stream are much higher than Spotify’s and possibly any other streaming service currently around.

The reason? BABOOM’s fair-streaming model. You can see it in action in this little screen shot below from the streaming statement.

Baboom statement fragment

For each stream you see how many seconds he/she listened to your track in respect to the total number of seconds he/she streamed in the reported month. This is the ‘Fan share %’ that you see in the last column. This is the share of that fan’s monthly net subscription fee (after deducting taxes) that is assigned to you. BABOOM then pays out 70% of that share, and 90% if you are a premium artist, at the end of the month.

If you are not convinced that this fair-streaming model is far better than Spotify’s pay-out model, or from any other streaming company at the moment, then I can recommend reading this post on Medium.

Does this all make a big difference in the end? If you are an indie artist with a huge following that will flock to BABOOM to listen to your music, then it might become interesting.

In my opinion, BABOOM is the streaming equivalent of Bandcamp at the moment. It’s an easy to use platform, it features lossless track uploads and playback, and there is no middle-men involved with publishing your music. You have everything in your own hands.

If you are an indie artist, then I would certainly recommend checking it out someday. To get an idea how an artist page looks (and sounds 😉 ): here is my ambient music project on BABOOM:

Okay, enough talking/typing from my end. Would love to read your comments.

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