Crows Labyrinth’s Ambient Artist Playlists Are Live on Apple Music

28 Feb 2019, Posted by Crows Labyrinth in Blog

Crows Labyrinth's Artist Playlists on Apple Music

As some of you might know, I am also a curator of a number of ambient and instrumentals playlists.

Apple Music users will be able to find my playlists a lot easier from now on. All of my playlists are now official artist playlists!

So if you like to know what kind of ambient and instrumental music I love to listen to, then follow these steps:

– Search for “Crows Labyrinth” in Apple Music.
– Scroll down to the Playlists section.
– Dive into one of the massive playlists I have curated.

Below you’ll find an overview of the playlists and links to jump right into them on Apple Music.

Ambient Encounters (Click here to open)
A collection of beatless ambient tracks that I love to listen to on a relaxing Sunday afternoon, or in the evening after all the work is done, or even during work when I need to focus.

Instrumental Ambient (Click here to open)
Relaxing ambient instrumental music on mostly acoustic, but also electric instruments. Ideal for background during study, when you have to focus, or just enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine in the evening.

Ambient Guitars (Click here to open)
A collection of beat-less ambient music made mostly or exclusively with guitar, bass guitar, chapman stick, pedal steel, et cetera. Great for relaxing, or when you need to study or focus.

Ambient Arrivals (Click here to open)
Discover new music from well-known and lesser known indie beat-less ambient, drone and experimental artists. Refreshed about twice a week. Phased out tracks go to the Ambient Arrivals Archive playlist.

Ambient Arrivals Archive (Click here to open)
Companion to the Ambient Arrivals playlist, containing tracks that were featured on the playlist in the past. This playlist will grow into a massive archive of ambient, drone and experimental releases.

Happy listening! 😊🎧

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