Beautiful album review by Geeky Disco’s World of Music

18 Apr 2014, Posted by Crows Labyrinth in Blog

Andrew Lloyd, blogger and electronica artist who creates music as Geeky Disco, wrote a beautiful review of my ambient album “Travels”. It’s wonderful when people like your music so much and write it down like this!

A few quotes from the review:

” What is presented to the listener is a sonic tour de force. Huge echoing soundscapes, short metallic sounds, rhythmic elements, effects loops, distortions, echoes, all are to be found on our sonic “Travels” through this album.

All in all, I feel that this album would augment any quiet, thoughtful evening. It is rich, deep and interesting. More than that, its actually a treat to listen to and makes your day, or night, better for having done so. Its thoughtful and reflective. Give it a listen – you won’t regret it. “

Visit this link to read the full review:

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