A Round-up of the First Reviews of “All Will Perish”

07 Jul 2019, Posted by Crows Labyrinth in Blog

The new album “All Will Perish” has been out for a couple of weeks now and thankfully almost all of the responses have been positive so far on social media. The new music has been getting airplay on a number of radio stations and podcasts, and the first reviews have appeared as well. Below you can read a round-up of the first reviews of the new album.

The first review of the album was from a Dutch blog called Luistertips, or “Listening tips” in English. Here is his conclusion from the review:

” If you are open to experimental Ambient and want to make the effort to delve into the sound palette of Crows Labyrinth, then All Will Perish is very worthwhile. ”

Read the review on Luistertips in Dutch

Read the review on Luistertips in English via Google Translate


Next up is a very elaborate review by Jos Driessen of Progwereld. A few quotes from the review to whet your appetite:

” Six years after “Travels” I remain impressed by the special aspect where the whole is only played on bass guitar, modulated and edited. ”


” Comparisons with Steve Wilson’s ambient project Bass Communion in general and the album “Cenotaph” in particular were made quickly and, given the prominent role of the bass guitar in Crows Labyrinth, the name Bass Communion would have been more striking for him. ”

Read the review on Progwereld in Dutch

Read the review on Progwereld in English via Google Translate


In the third review, Klaus Grümpe gets all philosophical quoting Plato when he reviews “All Will Perish”. The glowing review can be read on

” A cathartic feed of minimally monolithic, abstract, resonant chunks of mesmerising moments. ”


” There is simplicity and there is motion, together with an overly introvert enumeration. Something evolves within and with a fatality, explodes into the whole! ”

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